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Elise Swopes, a renowned digital artist and influencer, recently had the pleasure of being part of an exciting photoshoot styled by the talented @lafreecaine for @adidasoriginals. The shoot was beautifully captured by the acclaimed photographer @trashhand, and the resulting images were transformed into an epic illustration by @graphicswear.
2015 - Current

Swopes faced the challenge of participating in a photoshoot that needed to capture the essence of @adidasoriginals. This required coordinating with a talented team, including stylist @lafreecaine and photographer @trashhand, to create visually striking content that would resonate with Adidas' global audience.


Swopes Aims to Empower Individuals and Promote Inclusivity Through the #originalsuperstar Journey!

Swopes aimed to represent the unique style and spirit of @adidasoriginals through the photoshoot. She sought to create captivating content that would not only reflect the brand's identity but also engage its diverse fanbase.


Elise Swopes successfully participated in a stunning photoshoot for @adidasoriginals. Thanks to the expertise of stylist @lafreecaine and photographer @trashhand, she was able to create visually striking content that beautifully reflected the brand's identity. The resulting images were further enhanced by an epic illustration from @graphicswear, making this collaboration a resounding success.

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